Keep Trusting God – He Will Take Care of It

Keep Trusting GodTrusting God is such a key to living a joyous life!  I’m amazed at the amount of people who know God but have a hard time trusting him.  He is literally waiting for us to give a situation to him so he can work it out for our benefit.  When someone says, “Lord, I give this to you.  Please take care of it,” it’s like he says, “Finally, I get to work it out for them!”  Our human nature encourages us to do things on our own, our way.  When has that really ever worked?  When have we done something really great completely on our own with no help whatsoever?  For me, never!  The only great accomplishments, relationships, anything that has come into my life are a direct result of trusting God.

Keep Trusting God: Practice

 When I’m praying for someone or a situation, I make it a habit to give it to the Lord and ask him to tell me what to say or do and at the right time, if there’s anything he needs me to do to help.  Often, he will just take care of it all himself.  Sometimes, he asks me to do or say something.

There is nothing too big or small to give to the Lord to take care of.  Some people think that they are bothering God when they pray about small things.  Whatever concerns us concerns God.  He is so close and cares for us so much.  We delight him when we invite him into everything about our lives.

Somethings happen when we practice trusting God.

  • We find that we can hear God more clearly.  (Yes, it is possible to hear his voice inside of you!  In fact, it’s normal!)
  • We experience more peace and joy
  • Life gets more enjoyable
  • Life actually seems easier and more things go your way. (“Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be established and succeed.” Proverbs 3:16 Amplified Bible

I have seen all of the above happen in my life since I started on this journey of trusting God.  It’s not a blind trust like “whatever happens is God’s will,” which is a saying I can’t stand.  No, when you give something to God, he is fully able and willing to take care of it for your benefit.  It will unfold beautifully, way better than we could ever do on our own.

In the next several blogs, I will give examples of when I trusted God with something and how he elegantly worked it out for me.  This is meant to encourage you.

Is there something that is bothering you or worrying you today?  Just say, “Jesus, I throw this on your shoulders.  Please take care of it for me.  If there is anything you want me to do or say, let me know what and when.  Thank you for working this situation out for me.”  Then, don’t take it back.  Anytime you think about it, remember that he is taking care of it, and thank him for that fact.  If you’re new to this, just choose one thing and try it!  I dare you! 🙂

Let me know what you trusted God with and how he took care of it for you.  Leave your comment below.

Have a joyous day!





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