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God given desire

Acting is a God-given desire and gift he has placed in my heart.  I had done some acting in high school and later was in a couple of musicals written by a local playwright.  Then, I took a break from acting for quite a few years.  I went back to school, got a graduate degree, and became a teacher.

During the years of building my career, I didn’t have time to give to a play.  I missed acting so much during this time.  I longed to get back on the stage.  I couldn’t think about it for very long because I wanted it so badly.

I think very often when we want something so much and it’s not harmful, it could be a God-given desire.  Sometimes I’ve wanted to do something but wondered if was selfish of me to want that.  I realize later as it is unfolding beautifully in my life that it wasn’t me being selfish at all but a God-given desire.

So, for years I tried to push the God-given desire to act aside and faithfully furthered my career.  Teaching is another passion of mine so it wasn’t too hard to give most of my time to it.

God-given Desire Fulfilled

Last year something wonderful happened.  I decided to check out what was opening at a local community theater.  I went to the show where I found out about an acting class put on through the theater.  I decided to sign up.  There was a class each week.  On the fourth week, I found out that auditions for a show were happening after the class.  Two classmates strongly urged me to audition.  One in particular introduced me to the director and made sure that I got a copy of the play and the pages to study an hour before the audition.  I decided this was a great opportunity.  I didn’t have weeks in advance to talk myself out of auditioning, telling myself I wouldn’t be good enough.  I literally had one hour to prepare before auditions.  I went into it with no expectations.  If I didn’t get the part, oh well.  Of course, I would be overjoyed at a positive outcome.  I was the first to audition for the particular part.  Afterwards, I enjoyed watching others audition.  If nothing else, it would be a great experience to watch the auditioning process.

An hour after I got home from auditions, the director called me.  She offered me the part and told me I had the best understanding of the character of the ladies that auditioned.  She also told me that practice would start in three days.

I went from not being able to think about acting because I missed it so much to being immersed in the theater almost every spare moment.

The experience was glorious.  Not only did I get to fulfill a desire of my heart, I learned a lot about myself.  I gained so much confidence in my developing acting skills.  I got to spend time with other like minded people.  I got to accomplish something that I am very proud of.

I also saw God at work.  It seemed like nothing was happening for so long to fulfill my desire for acting, and then all of a sudden, my spare time was filled with it.  I think God is so often strategically putting everything into place to fulfill things in our lives.  We need to give our desires to the Lord and thank him for working on fulfilling them.  He does this in such a beautiful way.  Sometimes we need to have a little patience and have faith that he is in fact working in our lives.  One thing about God, he always comes through for us when we allow him to.

Have a glorious day!

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What do you do when you’ve failed your diet?  I recently posted about changing my eating habits.  I had been doing a good job since my doctor told me I had to go gluten-free and limit my dairy intake.  I went totally gluten-free and didn’t even eat that many gluten-free snack foods that she warned against.  I limited dairy pretty well although I still put grated cheese on my tacos and eat yogurt occasionally.  I’m proud of my change in eating habits and have been reaping the benefits of it.

Diet Downfall

Today, was a different story.  It started out at my husband’s family reunion.  I was hungry and didn’t eat anything prior to going to the reunion, like I should have. That was mistake #1.  Then, there was a table loaded with yummy, dairy and gluten-filled food and dessert.  I know it was yummy because I ate it!  I ate the home-made potato salad, the bow-tie pasta salad, the brownie dessert topped with marshmallows and chocolate, and the pretzel and cheese dessert with raspberry jello on top.  I ate, and it was delicious!  However, I didn’t overeat.  I had one plate and ate until I was satisfied.

After the reunion, I had already broken my diet so I felt even more justified to go through the coffee drive through and have real milk in my coffee drink.  I only had half the flavoring so at least I was partly good, right?

Later on, my eating got better and I had a yummy gluten-free sandwich and fries at a favorite restaurant.  So I guess I ended my eating day on an OK note.

The Diet Solution

I have decided not to beat myself up over this day of incorrect eating.  I will remember it with fondness that I didn’t totally deprive myself.  However, I will look at tomorrow as a new day with new eating opportunities.  I don’t think breaking my diet today will affect my eating choices tomorrow.  I will remind myself that my taste buds had a good time today and that they don’t need such an experience for quite a while.  I plan to start tomorrow with my delicious, healthy shake and eat at home where there aren’t really unhealthy food choices for me to eat.

When we change our eating habits, we need to realize we might slip up here and there.  I think it’s OK as long as those slip ups are few and far between and it isn’t immediately detrimental to our health, of course.  I’m going to focus on all the good days of healthy eating.  My body is getting into shape, and I feel healthier than I used to.

If you have a similar diet story, please comment below.  Encouraging comments are appreciated.

Have a healthy day!

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My lifestyle has changed.  I have to be gluten-free for at least six months and I’m supposed to limit dairy.  My naturopath told me this a couple of weeks ago.  Turns out I have a gluten intolerance.  I also had a lot of yeast in my stomach which I am being treated for (sorry if that was too much information).  Yeast can cause sugar cravings because that’s what it feeds on.  I was also very low in vitamin D which can explain the lack of energy I had been experiencing.  I am taking Dr. suggested supplements.

Benefits of My Change in Lifestyle

My husband has similar issues so we get to be on this new lifestyle together which makes it easier.  So far, my sugar cravings have gotten considerably fewer.  I used to get skin irritations from allergies.  I have gotten fewer of those, too.  My husband tells me I hardly snore anymore! The most exciting side effect of this new lifestyle is the fact that my body is reshaping itself.  My clothes are fitting better.  The scale doesn’t show significant weight loss, yet, but muscles are getting more pronounced and fat seems to be melting away daily.  I’ve gotten more active, but I don’t feel like I have to do very much to see this wonderful change!  I finally feel like I am getting more energy as well.

Sometimes I think about what I’m not supposed to eat and start to feel a bit melancholy, but then I think about all the benefits from not eating those foods.  It’s an awesome trade-off!  I wouldn’t want to go back to the size I used to be just so my taste buds can be happy for a few minutes.

I have a tendency to be an emotional eater.  I have learned to put more importance on other things than eating.  I am starting to think about food in a different way.  I think about how the right foods benefit my body.

I am also more involved in other activities than eating.  I have taken up bike riding.  My husband recently bought us beautiful new bikes.  We have gone on several shorter rides.  I’m working up to longer rides.  My goal is to be able to comfortably ride around the city.

We don’t have cable anymore.  I no longer sit in front of the tv and eat for comfort.  I feel happier and even more passionate about life with this new lifestyle.  I feel more confident about my body which gives me more confidence about myself and my abilities.  It’s so much more fun to go shopping at a non plus size store and have most items look good on me that I try on.

I’m so happy that my husband and I get to share in this healthier lifestyle.  It is helping both of us be the best we can be!

Join me on my journey to better health and leave your encouraging thoughts below.

Have a glorious day!

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In several days, I will have been married for six months, long enough to be able to give this advise: don’t lose your wedding day glow.  It seems that people who have been married awhile feel it their duty to tell you that your wedding day glow will fade.  They call you and your new spouse “lovebirds” as if they are just waiting for the two of you to be a little less excited about each other, like they are.

Well, I’m here to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case!  It’s important to take a moment periodically to remember that you are excited about your spouse.  Remind yourself about their awesome qualities, why you fell in love and got married in the first place.

Think of Your Wedding Day Often

Look at your wedding photos often.  Watch your wedding video together periodically.  Remember that incredible feeling you got when you saw each other for the first time all dressed up in your wedding attire.  Bask in your wedding day glow of the wonderful feelings of love, excitement, and contentment you felt that whole day.

Make it a point to tell your spouse of their awesome qualities and how much you love and cherish them.  When we keep these things in the front of our minds, we are less likely to be tempted to focus on negatives.

It’s easy for me to keep on my wedding day glow.  My husband is so wonderful and caring.  He tells me and shows me often of his love and respect for me.  He continually builds me up and encourages me.  I’m a blessed lady!

I hope you are able to keep your wedding day glow!  If you’re not married and want to be, I pray you are able to find that glow when the time is right.

Have a gloriously glowing day!

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