About Jessica

About Jessica McCaw

Jessica lives in Portland with her husband Jon and their two large dogs, a black lab and a hound.  She teaches middle school.  She has her master of arts in teaching degree.  She loves to travel, act, and sing.  She has been on the praise and worship team at church and involved in community theater.  She has traveled the to several countries including China, western Europe, and the Bahamas.

Growing Up

Jessica accepted the Lord Jesus as her savior at four years old.  She has cultivated a strong relationship with him since then.  When Jessica was almost five, her dad got into a serious accident which rendered him permanently disabled.  Her favorite childhood memories are spending time with her five nieces and nephews who are fairly close to her in age.

Jessica knew she wanted to graduate from college and become a teacher from an early age.  In fact, she would come home from school and pretend she was the teacher while teaching her stuffed animals what she had learned.

Jessica stayed focused on school while growing up and realized her goal.  She is entering her ninth year of teaching this fall 2013.  She teaches ELD (English Language Development) among other subjects.

Meet Jessica & JonFinding Love


Jessica always had the desire to fall in love and get married.  However, she wanted this in God’s plan and timing for her life.  There came a time where she met her educational goals and became stable in her career.  She was ready to find love.  God sent Jon her way.  He is who she prayed for all those years and so much more. They fell in love and got married this year.  They are happily building a new life together.

Favorite Things

Here is a non exhaustive list of her favorite things:

Food: ice cream

Drink: coffee

Movie genre: romantic comedies

Book genre: Christian romance

Colors to decorate with: burgundy, gold, and browns

Jessica also loves to read, write, collect pens and paper, spend time with family and friends, encourage others, fold laundry, wrap presents, and know what’s going to happen next.  She has recently started playing a couple of games online and has gotten back on a bicycle.

Have a joyous day,


Jessica McCaw

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