Are You in a Constant State of Rest in the Lord?

rest in the LordI’m doing one of my favorite things right now as I rest in the Lord.  I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop next to my husband, drinking awesome coffee.  Our laptops are out and one of my favorite Hawaiian songs comes on.  We’re blogging and enjoying one of the last days of summer before I go back to work for the school year.  These are the days that make life sweet.

When we trust in the Lord with everything that concerns us, we can truly enjoy life.  It’s so important that we relax in this knowledge.  So often people allow the storms of life to whirl around them so much that it affects their emotions and they don’t stay in a state of rest.  Life can feel really difficult that way.

It’s important to stop often and remember to give everything to the Lord.  That way we can stay in a constant state of rest.  That’s exactly where he wants us to be.

Why We Rest in the Lord

When we rest in the Lord, we are the most beneficial to him.  If we are always caught up in the worries and weariness of life, we are less likely to be ready to minister to others, and we are not a very good witness.

If we stay in a constant state of trust and rest in the Lord, we are unstoppable.  Here are some of the benefits:

  • We are more creative and productive
  • We can hear God’s voice more clearly and concisely
  • We are more likely to help others instead of always needing the help ourselves
  • Trust and rest in the Lord promotes health because stress doesn’t get to us to attack our bodies
  • We are more likely to have a strong relationship with the Lord.

I encourage you to think about the last time you were truly happy.  What were you doing?  What were you thinking about?  Were you at a state of rest in the Lord?

We’ll I’m going to bask in one of my favorite environments for a bit longer and enjoy this fabulous cup of coffee and sitting next to my husband, of course, while I rest in the Lord.

Have another glorious day!


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